Paul Rickard

I am a printmaker working mainly in reduction linocut, woodcut. and my studio is situated in Llanwrtyd Wells.


A long-held interest in archaeology means that I am particularly drawn to buildings and structures in their landscape settings. I am also fascinated by the concept of liminality; by boundaries, thresholds and transitional spaces.


The starting point for a print is usually one of my own photographs. Using a variety of manual and automatic processes, together with compositional sketches, I abstract and manipulate them to achieve a working image which is then transferred to the lino by drawing or tracing. Whilst this may sound like a planned and rigid process it is actually remarkably fluid in nature and frequently benefits from unintended effects.


A degree of simplification and abstraction is present in the majority of my work. Partly this is due to the nature of the relief printmaking process, but probably owes more to my artistic influences. These are mainly mid-20th century graphic and commercial art – such as travel posters, advertising and book illustration. A feature of many of these works is the reduction of subjects to simpler forms through the elimination of detail – often to an extreme degree.