Theresa Taylor

Theresa Taylor is an artist based in the north-west of England with links to Wales, by family, being a regular visitor and having exhibited her work in north and mid Wales over many years.

A multi-media artist whose primary medium is printmaking, she is currently a resident artist at Artlab Contemporary Print Studio’s, UCLan, as well as working out of her studio near Lancaster.

Her work is heavily influenced by the natural world which she uses metaphorically to suggest psychologically nuanced spaces and although abstract, there is a strong human presence. 

Over the past 4 years she has taken under-the-sea photographic and video research material. Currently she is working on a collaborative project taking video material off the coast of Anglesey, (working with a wild swimmer), previously in France, Spain and Italy.

Her work also references her background in both art therapy and psychotherapy which interweaves and underpins her work, considering under the sea as a watery ‘space’ as standing for our unconscious- ambiguous and constantly changing.

Her work is exhibited across the UK and internationally, currently Amsterdam, and she is due to take part in a 2 person show at Oriel Mostyn, Llandudno, north Wales in 2019.